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Are you suffering from sciatica? Have everyday tasks suddenly become difficult because of the pain you experience? At Vitality Health & Wellness near Melbourne we can help alleviate your pain and get you back to your normal life.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica, also known as a pinched nerve, compressed nerve, or lumbar radiculopathy, typically refers to back pain that stems from issues with the sciatic nerve caused by misalignment or subluxation in the spine. This large nerve is actually made up of multiple nerves and runs from the spinal cord to the buttocks and down the legs. As a result pressure onto the nerve as it exits the spine can cause referred pain into the leg, foot and buttock.


Sciatica is actually a term used to describe a group of symptoms rather than a condition. Because the sciatica nerve is so extensive, problems with it can cause pain to spread from the back to other areas of the body. Where you experience pain depends on which of the 5 separate nerve roots the pain is stemming from.

Some of the most common symptoms include:

• Shooting back pain
• Electric-like pain in the leg, or even a constant dull ache in the leg
• Numb and cold feet
• Calf tightness

Seeking treatment for these symptoms can make it easier to go back to your normal life and prevent serious issues from developing later on in life.

Causes of Sciatica

Though there are many reasons one might find themselves dealing with sciatica, the causes are usually age dependent.

For instance, arthritis might be why someone 60 or older is experiencing sciatica while disc injuries might be the culprit for someone who is 25-40 years old.

Those who are obese or hold occupations that require long periods of sitting, standing or lifting heavy objects are also at risk for sciatica.

Treatment Options

There are many options for sciatica treatment near Melbourne. Some seeking relief turn to painkillers, muscle relaxers, and even surgery.

Chiropractic, however, is typically the most common and effective treatment method. It is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free solution. Through regular visits and suggested at-home sciatica exercises, many people have found that chiropractic helps relieve their pain.

How We Treat Sciatica

There are many methods for our sciatica treatment near Melbourne, some of which include:

• Chiropractic adjustments. Our team will analyse the spine for misalignment and adjust it accordingly to strengthen and stabilise the spine.

• Chiropractic spinal corrective care. Because of its gentler approach, this method is perfect if your pain is particularly severe. Our chiropractors use lower-force techniques, and drop-piece adjustments to address the underlying structural deficiencies in your spine to reduce pressure and stress on the sciatic nerves. Spinal corrective care can lead to significant long term health benefits.

• At-home exercises. Once we initially treat your pain, we want to make sure we continue to strengthen and stabilise your structure with home corrective exercises. Our professionals will give you a personalised exercise plan that you can do on your own. The sciatica exercises are designed to strengthen your core and reinforce strong stable posture.

Are You Looking for Quality Sciatica Treatment?

Don’t let your pain take over your life. Seek sciatica treatment near Melbourne today by contacting us here at Vitality Health & Wellness.

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