A holistic approach to wellness.

Struggling with Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica or Headaches? We understand the effects that these kinds of pain can have on your body and mind. We also understand it’s not so much the pain itself, it’s the inability to do the simple things we took for granted before the pain started – the things you need, want and love to do.

However, the limits of ‘quick fixes’ are too many. You don’t want to just feel better until the next tablet, you want a longer-term solution.  In fact, you don’t just want to recover, you want to reclaim your time and become healthier than ever before.

You might not know this, but many problems like pain, headaches, sciatica, low energy, indigestion and even poor immune functions are almost always secondary issues – patching these up in the short term won’t stop the real cause.

The primary issue here may be located in your spine and nervous system. Once we start to correct these primary problems, the secondary ones will follow.

So then, what does a chiropractor do? Well, we correct spinal misalignment or structural distortions in your spine that compromise the health of your spine and nervous system which ultimately limits the health and function of your entire body. To achieve this we gently adjust your spine to remove interference from your nerve system allowing your body to repair, heal and function better.

Your spine and nervous system is your body’s information super-highway, so when it’s not working 100% you body’s not working 100% (interference to your nervous system is like a bad modem, and no one likes slow internet).

Vitality Health & Wellness Chiropractic

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Meet Mark

Mark is the principal owner and chiropractor at Vitality Health & Wellness Chiropractic in South Yarra and runs the practice with his wife Elise. Mark’s not a just chiropractor though, he’s first and foremost a father and family man, meaning he understands the importance of health for individuals and families.

With his unique focus on health, Mark looks beyond just the pain and symptoms you might be experiencing to identify the true source of your health problem. Once identified, Mark works to correct this underlying problem – meaning you get real treatment for the cause, not some band-aid solutions.